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Thyra’s is a duo with two well renowned Swedish musicians and songwriters, Karin Thyr and Göran Eriksson. This husband and wife duo creates a unique sound when their voices blend and they allows themself to be inspired and influenced by different genres. When you ask the duo what genre they are they laugh and say ”Swedicana”. Merge Swedish folk tradition with country and some Americana. Add a hint of soul then whip it all tougher with a slight Scandinavian accent and you have SWEDICANA


You might not have heard of them but chances are you have heard their music. With millions of streams and listeners all over the world both their unique version of Robyns "Dancing on my own" and Katy Perrys "Firework" has gotten them a gold and platinum record as well as their own hit single "Since you been gone" For years this dynamic duo have brought their guitars and kids across the Atlantic ocean to seek inspiration and write music in Nashville. They both call Nashville their second home and are grateful for the warm welcome, the music and beautiful friendships the town has given them.

Thyra is releasing a new album in April. The first single of the album is the song Witchcraft. 

About the new single: Witchcraft
Sing along, stomp your feet and clap your hands to this Americana, country flavored catchy tune that breathes corn fields, moonshine and magic!
Witchcraft wrote it self in less than an hour. ”When you have a story to tell, music and lyrics come together in a heart beat” says Karin. Witchcraft tells a story about female power. About the ability to shift balance and perspectives. About taking charge and walking your own path not being led by others.
A lyric doesn’t necessary have to be something you yourself have experienced to feel authentic. Sometimes It’s someone else’s story that inspire. Everybody has superpowers or the access to some inner witchcraft and when your up against a bullie you can pull that strength and wisdom from your core and over come anything. Thats the power of witchcraft!

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