Thyra’s is a duo with two well renowned Swedish musicians and songwriters, Karin Thyr and Göran Eriksson. This husband and wife duo creates a unique sound when their voices blend and they allows themself to be inspired and influenced by different genres. When you ask the duo what genre they are they laugh and say ”Swedicana”. Merge Swedish folk tradition with country and some Americana. Add a hint of soul then whip it all tougher with a slight Scandinavian accent and you have SWEDICANA


You might not have heard of them but chances are you have heard their music. With millions of streams and listeners all over the world both their unique version of Robyns "Dancing on my own" and Katy Perrys "Firework" has gotten them a gold and platinum record as well as their own hit single "Since you been gone" For years this dynamic duo have brought their guitars and kids across the Atlantic ocean to seek inspiration and write music in Nashville. They both call Nashville their second home and are grateful for the warm welcome, the music and beautiful friendships the town has given them.

The Swedish husband and wife duo Thyra follow up their spring album Nashville Songs & Stories with 3 single tracks this fall.

First out, October 9, is "Drinking you off my mind"


About the song:

A well established songwriter once asked the duo as they where playing a show at The Listening Room in Nashville. ”-Can I hear your drinking song? ” As Karin answered, -"I’m not sure we have one", he continued - "Honey, Everybody needs a drinking song”. It took a while but this summer the couple sat down and wrote their own. 

It’s a positive song about letting go and how sometimes it takes a drink (or two) to realize you’ve waisted your time and need to move forward.

Previous singles, Witchcraft and Why We work, from the album Nashville Songs & Stories have frekvent plays on Swedish Radio P4 cross country,  European Country Radio and in The USA. The couple had a huge success with their pandemic proof Back Yard Sessions this summer and will be featured this month in Amelia, Swedens top women’s magazine.

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