What is a house Concert?


Imagine a place where music players and music lovers get together in a warm and intimate environment for an unforgettable experience.  A concert you'll always remember where you get an unique chance to get to know an artist and music on a personal level. 


It’s possible, we bring the music to you, right in to your home!


House Concerts are one of the most important trends in independent music today

- and they're popping up all over the world!


Open up your home and invites a few friends into your living room, garden, veranda or a barn and enjoy an unforgettable evening together with Thyra.



You as a host invite friends, neighbors, colleges with a genuine music interest to a concert in your own home.


Thyra performs for about 60-80 minutes.


You pay for the concert or guests are asked to pay an admission fee. 


After the gig your guests gets a chance to buy CD's and mingle.


The arrangment around the concert can be, a welcomedrink and mingle, snacks or have people bring food and fire up the grill. Anything is possible!

As long as the guest knows they are invited to a concert we are open for all you ideas on how to make this a memorable event in you home.

Från en värd:

"Thyras House Consert blev ett fantastiskt  musik- och sommarminne som vi alltid kommer att bära med oss med värme och glädje. En nästan overklig känsla att ha två professionella musiker hemma på altanen som underhåller och lirar skön och livsbejakande musik i sensommarsolen. 


En perfekt kombination att kunna samla nära och kära, umgås och samtidigt bidra till att utöka Thyras skara av supportrar och sprida deras musik i grannskapet bokstavligen talat! Rekommenderar alla som har möjlighet att ha en House Consert!"

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