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We are exited to announce that we are releasing new music on March 17.

The song "Hurt Me", is -  despite its name, is a positive song about picking yourself up and moving forward. Many years ago, when the whole  family lived in Nashville for an extended period, we were constantly asked to sing and perform together as a family. It was then that Karin sat down, and in less than fifteen minutes, the song was born.


Since then the song "hurt me" has  become somewhat of a signature tune for our family. Now, many years later, we are excited to share this song with the world. While the first version of this song was recorded in our laundry room at Fatherland street in East Nashville this new recording took place in our studio on Färingsö.  Mark Evitts  amazing violin playing permeates the entire song, bridging our expression with that of the American South in what we like to call "Swedicana".


The duo continues to divide their time between Nashville and Sweden. Nashville keeps being an endless source of inspiration for the couple!  A new EP: Songbird Lane  is in the making and will be released in the fall.

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Stockholm Tennessee

About the title: "All across the USA you'll find several places with a Swedish heritage and connection. But as far as we know there is no town here in Tennessee with a Swedish name so we played around with that idea and came up with Stockholm Tennessee."


About the single: Some People

"We wanted to write a positive song! A reflection on life and all that comes with it! The ups and downs, the wins and the losses. If you have been together as long as we have (25 years) it's inevitable that you do not shape each other, we believe that we make each other better and that's what this song is about."

Photo: Nikola Stankovic

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This husband and wife duo has been playing and writing music together for over 25 years! For the last decade they have been taking their kids and guitars so many times across the ocean they've lost track and their love affair with Music City is only getting deeper and deeper!


The album Nashville Songs & Stories was released in the spring of 2020 and multiple songs from the album was played frequently on the radio among others the single Witchcraft. The song Fighting another day was chosen by Swedish DN culture media to the "best weekly" and over 40 million people has listened to Witchcraft on Youtube.  The song "Why we work" was picked up by several European radiostations and their music has been featured in several tv shows.

The duo received gold and platinum records for their cover versions of Robyns Dancing on my own and Katy Perrys Firework as well as their own soulful Since You’ve been gone!.

Photo. Nikola Stankovic

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Album Credits


Stockholm Tennessee, Some People & Holding On Is Not Enough

Karin Thyr Eriksson & Göran Eriksson


Hold Your Heart

Karin Thyr Eriksson, Göran Eriksson, Jason Blain

This Love

Karin Thyr Eriksson, Göran Eriksson, Chris Roberts, Jabe Bayer


Lead Vocals

Karin Thyr Eriksson & Göran Eriksson

Drums & Percussion

Micke Dahlén

Bass & Harmonies

Fredrik Landh

Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Electric Guitar, Dobro, Mandoline & Percussion

Göran Eriksson

Strings & Strings Arrangement on Hold Your heart

Mark Evitts

Produced By 

Göran Eriksson & Karin Thyr Eriksson

Mixed By

Fredrik Landh

Mastered By

Fredrik Jansson


Photo: Nikola Stankovic @nikolastankovicphoto

 Hair & Make Up by;  Karoline

Artwork by: Karin Thyr Eriksson

Clothes: Plain Vanilla

Thanks to Sånga Säby for letting us use your amazing space for photo!



Karin Thyr Eriksson

Phone: +46707200880


These photos can be downloaded and used for press and media.

ALWAYS at ALL TIMES credit photo to:

Nikola Stankovic and where possible please add @nikolastankovicphoto. 

Please contact us for advice you ever feel uncertain in how you can use these photos.

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